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Expansion AR (non commercial project)
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User Experience
User Interface
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History :

Expansion was born from the union of the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Digital Art Month held in June in Paris. For this occasion, the Centre Georges Pompidou wanted to create an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experience across several locations in the city. Using several artists to illustrate each point of interest, the experience is intended to be a confusing artistic journey, where each viewer, equipped with Google Glass, will be transported into a new universe.
For this occasion, the Centre Georges Pompidou asked me to design the interface of their experience on Google Glass.

Challenge :

The goal of this project is to design an Augmented Reality (AR) user experience on Google Glass that is accessible to all, intuitive and understandable. The experience must allow everyone to see the map, and understand where each work is located.

Determine :

Understanding how people feel about augmented reality through an immersive experience in a museum
Understand what is the best way to set up the best possible & simple experience in order to best satisfy the customers of the Centre George Pompidou
To understand how easy it would be for people to integrate the augmented reality experience into an exhibition
Understand what people's previous experiences with augmented reality are.
Understand how to integrate an augmented reality interface into the existing site and design of the Centre George Pompidou
Determine the strengths & weaknesses of the augmented reality industry
Determine the frustrations that users may have with this new market that is augmented reality

Some important insight I got here.

All participants are interested in an experience mixing art & augmented reality. They all find it fun and immersive.
All participants have already been confronted with augmented reality. Be it with Pokemon Go, instagram filters, video games, an episode of Black Mirror, or as part of art & design studies.
In order to design the best possible experience, it is important that the exhibition is super immersive. Allow people to walk around in a new and different reality.
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