Eugene berkovski

Client : 
Eugene Berkovski (director / photographer)
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User Experience
User Interface
Development on ReadyMag
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History :

Eugene is a videographer, editor and photo assistant based in Paris.  
He wanted to create a website to showcase his work. When he told me about his project, I was immediately excited by the idea of creating a product from A to Z. After researching several solutions, we agreed that Webflow was the best. On the one hand, this tool allows us to have a complete autonomy on the design, but it also allows me personally to train on it in order to propose it as a solution to other customers.
Eugene's universe being very singular, it is important that we manage to create an original product that represents him at best, so that he can be booked by his potential future customers as much as possible.

Challenge :

The goal of this project is to create a responsive portfolio website, on Webflow. In addition to the website, we will have to take care of all the branding of the client.
The website will have to be original and stand out from other classic portfolios while keeping a certain simplicity in the navigation, and make users want to get in touch with Eugene. The site should highlight the multidisciplinary nature of Eugene.

See complete research
Determine :

Understand how professions using directors/artists/creatives choose them.
Understand how the director/artist/creative professions book directors/artists.
Understand what would help improve the overall booking and experience of directors/artists/creatives
Understand what features are needed to design a website for directors/artists/creatives

In the end, what we can draw from this research is the fact that all the people interviewed agree on the same points: The portfolio should be clear, the site not too crowded with information and simple, that the work is accessible, and that there is a bio that explains the work of the artist. They all want a clear, simple and functional site, but at the same time, they want to find in the site, the style and the personality of the artist.

Understanding :

How to organize Eugene’s website categories in the best possible way

Determine :

The good information architecture
The best interface considering user’s goals & behiaviors.
Here is the first version we produced. We wanted to express a simple and essential site, showing in a perfectly clear way, the 2 main activities of Eugene. After a long hesitation, we finally decided to go for something totally different, as much in what we had already proposed, as in what is usually done in classical portfolios. Indeed, we decided that this portfolio was a metaphor of Eugene's spirit, with all the singularity that it represents. The site evolves with Eugene, and is halfway between a portfolio and a blog. I'll let you discover the result below.

Determine :

The right branding  & UI guidelines to establish Eugene brand’s story that user can relate & enjoy.

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