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Selected clients : Lacoste, Vogue Italia, Mirae, Ack, Les Roches Blanches, Hotel Amour, Amélie Paris, Miista, Musier, Vhernier, Maskarade, Alkpote...
I am Roxane Diamand, a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, FR,  currently working as a freelance designer in the art, fashion and culture fields. I combine strategy, art direction, and visual content production to propose unique images and innovative solutions.

I began my career in photography. With my experience in the world of image, I developped a sharp eye and a solid knowledge of composition, color and communication. Curious and emphatic by nature, I naturally turned to UX/UI design, where my analytical, problem-solving, and visual thinking skills come to the fore. Being confined and unable to take pictures, I discovered the world of 3D.

Very creative, I make it a point of honor to create the best digital experience possible. Very attentive to others, and aware of the speed at which the world evolves, I strive to create products that have meaning, impact and are timeless. Versatile, and having several mediums, I create unique and inventive realizations and delivers quality and thoughtful results.

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